All Staff

Tim Gates, Lead Pastor

Tim Gates

Lead Pastor

Travis Greene, Senior Executive Pastor

Travis Greene

Senior Executive Pastor

Gary Gerstenberger, Executive Pastor

Gary Gerstenberger

Executive Pastor

Sarah Chamberlain, Worship Pastor

Sarah Chamberlain

Worship Pastor

Shane Guldi, Children

Shane Guldi

Children's Pastor

Derek Epperhart, Youth Pastor

Derek Epperhart

Youth Pastor

Dianne Wagner, Visitation Pastor

Dianne Wagner

Visitation Pastor

Vicky Gates, Administration & Communication

Vicky Gates

Administration & Communication

Karen Ryan, Administration & Counseling

Karen Ryan

Administration & Counseling

Ashton Schimmelpfennig, Administration & Assistant Worship Leader

Ashton Schimmelpfennig

Administration & Assistant Worship Leader

Jeff Himelick, Finance Administrator

Jeff Himelick

Finance Administrator

Tim Edwards, Media Director

Tim Edwards

Media Director

Facilities Care Team

Scott Barnett
Stacy Schnitz
Bob Leonard
Olivia La Mar
Vickie La Mar
Gavin La Mar
Carol Barnett
Sylvia Stout

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